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WeHo: The L Word Behind the Scenes series begins here.



April 18, 2017 –

Quick maintenance note:  WeHo is being edited and rearranged.  Here are several recommendations of  nice ones to begin:

A few great love scenes wrapped inside a series of stories –

Remembering Me (Part One).

Remembering Me (Part Two)

Feeling Bound #3

The Messenger #4

Spotlight  #5 click here:   Spotlight

Most of the WeHo stories are available, or soon will be again.

In case you are just joining us, there are three series hosted on this website. One is WeHo, a wonderful series of The L Word behind the scenes tales layered with insights into the characters and their pasts. It rolls along just under the show’s timeline.

All “WeHo: The L Word behind the scenes” stories are photo illustrated and in full disclosure, as the timeline nears the end of Season 5 I completely hopped over a great deal of the program’s narrative that to me was incredibly annoying to me. My hope is that you’ll appreciate that!

Seamlessly following the last stories in WeHo begins my L Word inspired version of Season 7. I don’t post all the comments that float into me from here and there via email, Facebook and Twitter, but people are very excited to catch up with Bette and Tina again in my vision of The L Word’s Season 7. I hope you will, too.

The third series on this site is a political thriller I’m writing.  “Countdown” features a character I named, Dr Bette Porter, for the purposes of giving reader’s another incarnation of a sexy alpha female, but in many ways she’s unlike Bette in The L Word.

We’ve had over 80,000 readers enjoy these tales, so, thank you for dropping by to read. WordPress does ask readers to register if they’d like to comment.  We don’t do anything with your email, and neither does WordPress.  We’d appreciate you registering, because it’d be great to hear how you’re enjoying our stories.

Blackbird and Friends


Bette_Tina on Stairs

WeHo: Behind the Scenes has been a great series to write! I hope you enjoy them. Here they are in order:


(Editing the first two, please go to #3)

3. I Remember Rivers



Set in New Orleans this is a beautiful story of the lovers a few years before we meet them in the series. I really had gotten the hang of writing fanfiction by the time I began “I Remember Rivers.”

A few great love scenes wrapped inside a series of stories –

Remembering Me (Part One).

Remembering Me (Part Two)

Interview with a Vampire

Shane is having trouble with Carmen’s jealousy, Bette is unclear what the fuck is going in her ever changing home life with Tina after Angelica’s birth, and off they go to meet Alice’s vampire, Uta.

11. Not Another Word Bette has a mental meltdown while on a Buddhist meditation.

12. The Fugue of White Noise

Tina remembers a romantic trip to Wales with Bette. By the story’s end we find her back in the suburbs with Henry and the bland bather around a cocktail party. The love scene in Tina’s memory is a very sexy one, you don’t want to miss.

Bette close up sunglasses sky

13 Tomb Raider       

Tomb Raider is an amusing story of Bette and Alice in collaboration to steal Dana’s ashes from the grip of the Republican stronghold of Orange County. Helena joins in. This story was so fun to write.

FortuneTeller Neon sign

14. The Gypsy Whistles  

After Dana’s funeral the group has an impromptu wake for Dana, whose ashes now sit in a Starbuck’s cup on Bette’s counter. Tina tells an odd tale of murder and Bette learns a secret.

15. The Ant Farm    

Bette_Alice in discussion

The Ant Farm is an interesting story because it starts one place and ends up a thousand miles away by the end of it in Canada at Shane’s botched wedding with Bette and Peggy Peabody double teaming Tina and Henry. Of all the amusing things I’ve come up with to practice my fiction writing using these great characters – I would’ve liked to have seen that scene between Bette and Henry on screen.

I hope it will play well in your reader’s mind. It does very much for me.

walMart interior Sleeping Rough

16. Sleeping Rough 

The scene of Bette in WalMart was incredibly fun to imagine. It’s one of my favorites!

17. Low Hanging Fruit

Bette has a guilty sexual encounter.

BettePortrait_FAB and backlite

18. A Taste For Politics

Bette has a guilt free sexual encounter, and receives an award from Gov Schwarzenegger when a former flame pays a visit.

19. Sanctuary           

Sanctuary is a very beautiful and touching story told mostly by Tina. She remembers their New Year’s Eve of 1999.

20. Tongue Tales    

Phyllis asks Bette for lesbian sex tips. (Writing Bette irritated beyond belief is of great amusement to me.) In “Tongue Tales” her encounter with Phyllis is a classic comedic portrayal of Bette’s unending irritation with Phyllis and Alice’s romantic entanglement. The L Word’s writers did such an incredible job with the combo telephone call that I felt the need to create my own scene of hilarity around Bette’s displeasure with Alice and Phyllis.

21. A Date with Myself

Tina, now separated from Henry, misses Bette and senses her own ghosts. Erotic scene as Tina masterubates remembering her lover. I felt for her in this story.

22. The Thirteenth Floor

Bette reads Les Girls in the New Yorker Magazine. Afterwards she lets out her inner weird and spies on Jenny. We hear her inner scheming thoughts and why she slept with Candace, and the personal history and accompanying misery that led her to that life altering decision.

23. The Pussy Club

Helena drinks wine

Bette gets stoned at Phyllis’ party with Jodie and afterwards takes up a surprising alliance with Helena. They visit a club on Sunset Strip for lap dances. As the night progresses Bette hires Helena for an undercover job, “You’re pretty devious aren’t you? At times almost without a conscience is my guess.” Bette asks her. Helena, of course, is in!

24. The Fortune Teller


Tina remembers a romantic weekend with Bette in Spain, and fantasies of that vacation drift through her thoughts on the way to seek answers from a psychic. The Fortune Teller brews a strange tea and their visit begins with an ancient Gypsy ceremony. Then, Tina’s psychic reading begins.

25. A Spell on You 

red lips isolated in white

The love spell in action and in surprising ways.

Bette_PowerSuite.2king down

26. Objects in Motion

Helena and Tina meet for cocktails at the Beverly Wilshire where Helena gathers personal details from an unwitting Tina. Bette fights with Jodie and then pays an unexpected visit to Shaolin to see Tina.


27. Bette’s Cooking Lesson

Alice tells this humorous story of Bette’s sudden mania to get everyone to eat healthy. After the cooking lesson Bette has a beautiful dream about Sunday mornings with Tina and then the dream turns disturbing.


28. A Drink with the Gypsy

Tina panics and returns to the Gypsy for more insight, and she leaves with a powerful plan. On the way she recalls taking psilocybin mushrooms before a hiking trip with Bette in Sedona.

Monarch Butterflies

29. 17 Reasons Why – Not!

While many L Word viewers suffered head injuries when their heads hit the coffee table and series’ writers put Bette on the path to get Jodie back I felt there was a lot to be said about what really motivated Bette to pursue such a misadventure. I found some interesting answers, and wrote about them at the end of the story, Bette’s Cooking Lesson. ( )

This story about Bette’s trip to Upstate New York does not feature Jodie much in anyway, but in the story we hear from Alice, Shane and Bette.

I hope you’ll appreciate the insights and the comedy in this story of the 17 reasons why Bette should have left Jodie alone.


30. The Weather Report 

An overall comical tale evolves in “The Weather Report” as Alices has spooky thoughts about earthquakes and Bette enters the ring at the SheBar. In my retelling – My God! – she had to have her moment, too.


31. Fit for Battle                

Bette has a fabulous meltdown that pictures of her at The SheBar have gotten out. I really enjoyed writing her fury. She had some great lines and moments. Then, the story takes on a memory of Tina’s and this wonderful description appears in her thoughts, “A snow globe image suddenly pops into my head of us frozen in time. My mind shakes it and a blizzard swirls around us. For just a few minutes more I want to remember the snowfall at Big Bear, the snaps and fizz of the fire, and her body all over me.”

32. The Lucky Ones         

Bette Tina Kiss stir fry scene bed

Thank God! They’re back together! A sweeping tale that is truly one of my favorites.

33. Coming Home            

Tina comes home and the couple begin to plan ahead. Bette considers how to break off with Jodie and hatches a secret plan. Then she gets a strange call from an elderly Indian woman from Sante Fe, and her life shifts again.


34. Malibu                         

A hastily planned trip away with Angelica to the beach the family has a rare weekend together. Bette pops the question and a beautiful love scene begins in Malibu.

Then, I’m excited to announce my Season 7 inspired L Word series begins with the NEW book, “Touch Tones” (see below for links and more). In this next series of stories I touch on some of the themes that were still unresolved at the end of show but skip over completely the nonsense about killing Jenny.

“Touch Tones” is all original stories, photo illustrated and with a much freer attitude in all of the characters. I know you’ll enjoy my vision of The L Word Season 7 in “Touch Tones”.

Malibu Coastline_Night

It begins here : After Midnight

This story picks up immediately after Malibu in the WeHo series and begins as the couple continue their beach weekend, and begin to plan and envision their life together post engagement. Tina senses trouble ahead as the film, Les Girls, begins production, and Jenny’s vindictive and unpredictable nature lurks just beyond their control. Or does it?

2. The Handler 

The couple host an impromptu cocktail party to announce their engagement to their close friends. The group thinks dark thoughts about Jenny. Tina and Bette have an epiphany.

Bette_Tina Airport MedShot

3. The Ringer

The Ringer – As the press conference nears Bette or Tina narrate the scenes and reveal their feelings as their public event and announcement approaches.

4. Kryptonite

Kit reveals insights into Bette’s childhood as she arrives at the soundstage for the three o’clock event. Alice arrives to cover the announcement for Alice in Lesbo Land and Claire is minding her and her clients, Bette and Tina. As the couple wait in the limousine they each have their own private, “Do I stay or do I go?” thoughts and anxieties the closer the time to go public with their private lives draws near.

5. The Kiss

A great story that opens with a long scene of tension as Tina thinks and flashes back before their lips meet. This was an interesting writing exercise for me to explore holding tension in a series of scenes.

6. Meeting Maxine

Amplifies the story of where Maxine has been and Bette and Tina decide after discussing it – the coast clear for a weekend with Maxine.

7. Flexibility

Bette and Maxine strike off on an adventure and their relationship begins. I had a great time writing their scenes in the desert. Very amusing to watch Bette “go native.” Bette’s snake dream is one of my favorites. I love this story, in fact.

8. Blood Moon Rising Tina arrives in Santa Fe to meet Bette’s long lost mother and a strange moon rises over the campfire in the desert as Mary Windhorse tells and old Indian legion.

9. Radar Love – Bette frightens herself imagining growing up in WitSec and her mother finally tells her horrific story.

10. Alice Surmises – Alice narrates this wry tale and gives her perspective and chances for Bette and Tina’s rekindled relationship. Bette has a surprise visitor while on the drive to work.

Still thinking up more great tales for you. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Blackbird.


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7 thoughts on “WeHo: The L Word Behind the Scenes series begins here.

  1. Pingback: Series Begins ULTRASOUNDS OF LOVERS | LWord_BehindtheScenes

  2. Okay blackbird when will we see more of your stories, looking forward to reading updates to any one or all of your stories PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


  3. I miss your writing so very much I hope you are planning to continue all your stories they are too wonderful to left unfinished.


  4. Thank you, your writing is absolutely amazing. I love the internal dialog in their heads, I love the relationship between Bette & Tina as well as the relationships they have with the other characters. You are not reading the story of their lives you are in it with them. When I see an update from you I set time aside to spend with them, thank you so much for keeping these friends alive and well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marianne, delighted you enjoyed this story. Bette told us quite a bit about herself during her ceiling time, an interesting inner ramble. I felt for her at times! She hardly seemed able to catch her breath while in Santa Fe. Tina is a wonderful character, too, and her story and personal transformation I’m interested in exploring. Taking them out of the annoying cycles of mistrust and infidelity, and maturing and deepening them into the cool, smart and complex women we knew they could be is certainly part of my enjoyment of writing them in Season 7. I’m dreaming up the next one.

      I will confess to something. I have a few stories on this blog that are my favorites and one of them is the unfolding tale, Flexibility, when her mother gave her those great cowboy boots that she’s crazy about. I loved their target practice, and her dream that night. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m gratified when I read comments about my storytelling. Trust me! It’s great fun keeping up with Bette & Tina. Blackbird


  5. Alice Surmises is really a fun chapter with the women at the Planet. You have Alice down perfectly, comic relief. I enjoyed this chapter so much. It’s funny and light. It’s very cool how you brought Shane, Bette, Tina, Molly & of course Alice together. Mentioning all the other players too. Really well done & just perfect as usual. 👊BOOM!


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