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The L Word Inspired Season 7 – Touch Tones is here!


We have three very sexy and amusing L Word inspired stories series here.

My version of Season 7 begins with my new book, “Touch Tones”. Delighted to say that as of September 2015 these stories have had 56,000 reads!

1. After Midnight 

This story picks up after Chapter 33. “Malibu” in the WeHo series. After Midnight begins as the couple continue their beach weekend and begin to plan and envision their life together post engagement. Tina senses trouble ahead as the film, Les Girls, begins production and Jenny’s vindictive and unpredictable nature lurks. “Malibu” is here:

2. The Handler 

The couple host an impromptu cocktail party to announce their engagement to their close friends. The group thinks dark thoughts about Jenny and Tina and Bette have an epiphany.

Bette)Tina Powersuite Umbrella

3. The Ringer

As the press conference nears Bette or Tina narrate the scenes and reveal their feelings as their public event and announcement approaches.

4. Kryptonite

Kit reveals insights into Bette’s childhood as she arrives at the soundstage for the three o’clock event. Alice arrives to cover the announcement for Alice in Lesbo Land and Claire is minding her and her clients, Bette and Tina. As the couple wait in the limousine they each have their own private, “Do I stay or do I go?” thoughts and anxieties the closer the time to go public with their private lives draws near.

5. The Kiss

A great story that opens with a long scene of tension as Tina thinks and flashes back before their lips meet.

6. Meeting Maxine

Amplifies the story of where Maxine has been and Bette and Tina decide after discussing it – the coast clear for a weekend with Maxine.

7. Flexibility

Bette and Maxine strike off on an adventure and their relationship begins. I had a great time writing their scenes in the desert. Very amusing to watch Bette “go native.”

8. Blood Moon Rising Tina arrives in Santa Fe to meet Bette’s long lost mother and a strange moon rises over the campfire in the desert as Mary Windhorse tells and old Indian legion.

9. Radar Love – Bette frightens herself imagining growing up in WitSec and her mother finally tells her horrific story.

10. Alice Surmises – Alice narrates this wry tale and gives her perspective and chances for Bette and Tina’s rekindled relationship. Bette has a surprise visitor while on the drive to work.

11. Shanghaied  Shane gets strange news, Tina runs into an old flame, and Bette astonishes Phyllis. 

12. The New Mothers of Invention – Bette opens this story with a long windmill of thoughts and musings that was incredibly fun for me to write and imagine. Being in her head amuses me completely. Then, the story kicks off into a speedy sequence of events as Tina finds Bette in the hospital corridor and off they go into the humidity of a Dallas, Texas night.

Bette Close Up profile anticipation

13. Countdown – Tina gets a shock and things get strange. All that and a great love scene.

14. My Favorite Topping – Tina orders room service and Bette pays attention.

15. Blue Bayou – Finding herself unexpectedly a swamp tour with her mother, Bette has unsettling memories that lead her to examine her lifelong anger, and discover its damaging roots.

bayou sunset

16. Trust No One – Bette’s visit to Louisiana gets complicated when she meets the swamp tour boat captain, Savoy.

17. The Good Sister – Back home in Los Angeles Bette gets irritate at LAX that Tina is not there to meet her, and consoles herself with a lovely fantasy. At home, Shane gives her a warning and later, Kit unloads.

18. “My New Vodka” Kit leads off with humor and Bette encounters an old flame.  *Might be my new favorite at the moment.

Bette_Painted nails red blouse

19. “Secrets I Keep”  An anxious Tina opens the story and soon she’s painting a sensual picture of her recent past with her lovers before coming back to Bette. Garnering support for a career move she’s plotting Tina tries an interesting solution.

20. “Analogous to What?” Bette and Joyce face off in a cooking competition and Tina asks for a favor.

21. “Bette Meets the Gypsy”  I loved writing this story of Bette going to Hancock Park, thinking she’s meeting Tina about marriage plans, and having an incredible experience.

22. “Whereabouts Unknown”  Read the mystery that begins here and goes on for several great stories.

23. “Hotel California”  Bette’s stuck in a nightmare.

24. “Ensnared in Guilt” Tina shows tremendous signs of strain, and Bette strikes back.

25. “My Last Nerve”  This story was hard to write because I wanted to thread back through a lot of complexity to the mystery, as well as, show the emotional range of Bette and Tina, in a story that begins in one mood and ends in a completely different place.  Additionally, I really worked hard on the scenes with the group of friends, and some of their lines and actions and thoughts are really quite funny. Please enjoy, “My Last Nerve”.



The book just before Touch Tones, WeHo: Behind the Scenes, readers give Two Thumbs Up! WeHo begins with the story, “Ultrasounds of Lovers” and takes readers behind the scenes where we experience romantic vacations, inner thoughts, motivations and amusing dialogue between Bette Porter and Tina Kennard with humorous appearances and story lines that include Alice, Shane, Kit and Helena. We do not dwell on Jodie and Jenny. Just 8 months after launching WeHo: Behind the Scenes our reader stats show 25,000 readers from 24 different countries. We’re very, very excited with its success!

An entertaining espionage series WET WORK is hosted here, too. In it Bette is known as Agent Porter and Tina is known simply as, T. They have a blast and I’m enjoying so much writing them as sexy spies! The #LesbianSpy series, WET WORK, is very fast paced with adventures in exotic places that in the photo illustrated pages of their spy stories. This is a new series and has taken off with over 6,800 reads in 12 weeks. If you are a fan of The L Word I believe you will enjoy your visit here.

For more story synopsis please click on the WET WORK menu, but here’s a quick story list from the espionage series:

Bette_Tina_Happy_at restaurant

1. WET WORK: Killer Tracks          

2. WET WORK: Target Down    

3. WET WORK: Gold Coast       

4. WET WORK: Killer’s Paradise

5. WET WORK: The Orchid Peddler

6. WET WORK: Tied Up            

7. WET WORK: Burning Up!    

8. WET WORK: The Deep End         

9. WET WORK: Super Charged

Agent Porter and T inject nanobots to defeat an Evil Maven.

10. WET WORK: Hit Squad      

Command sends the Agents into Libya to investigate a political assassination.

11. The Queen of Sheba         

Strange bends in time begin when their contact in the Old Souk in Tripoli takes them the Royal Arabian stables to solve an unusual mystery.

12. Missing Women                  

The legions of the Jinnis and the disappearance of women from a village wrap the agents in a dangerous mission with ancient Jinnis and a battle at an oasis.

13. Black Sands                          

Transported through time by a crazy Jinni under the control of a madman the chapter, Black Sands, finds the agents in Middle Kingdom Egypt at the palace of the Queen of Sheba, and the final mystery is solved in a heroic battle.

The next round of wonderful stories about the agents begins with #14 Lipstick Jungle. Check under the menu heading on this page for “WET WORK”, the espionage series for updated links and more.

Blackwhite Dream scream

Story List for WeHo: Behind the Scenes that follows just under the timeline of the ON Air show is as follows:

1. Ultrasounds of Lovers

2. Translations          

3. I Remember Rivers

4. Come Back To Me

5. Red Water             

6. Milkyway              

7. Remembering Me

8. Canyons                

9. Lightning Bugs   

10. Interview with a Vampire

11. Not Another Word



12. The Fugue of White Noise

13 Tomb Raider       

14. Gypsy Whistles  

15. The Ant Farm    

16. Sleeping Rough 

17. Low Hanging Fruit

18. A Taste For Politics

19. Sanctuary           

20. Tongue Tales    

21. A Date with Myself

22. The Thirteenth Floor

23. The Pussy Club

24. The Fortune Teller

25. A Spell on You 

26. Objects in Motion

27. A Cooking Lesson

28. A Drink with the Gypsy

29. 17 Reasons Why – Not!

30. The Weather Report

31. Fit for Battle                

32. The Lucky Ones         

33. Coming Home            

34. Malibu                         

After “Malibu” please join us for Season 7 in the story series, _Touch Tones_. Chapter One: After Midnight 

Bette_Tina_Agent Porter_colorful attire

Please enjoy,


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Wtreme_CU Orchid Image from WET WORK

The Orchid Peddler
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