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The L Word Bette Porter Tina Kennard

#3 Touch Tones: The Ringer


I look at Joyce incredulously. ”Then the Skype call with earth shattering news.”

”Well, for Christ sake don’t over think it. Plus, this is not my area but I do believe in synchronicity and sometimes the events around it can be very strange.” Joyce fires a tennis ball at her fabric ovary art.

”I had a whole treasure trove of files end up mysteriously at my front door one night related to a case I was at an utter dead end for maneuvering in the courtroom the next day. A case I was absolutely not going to win, and I hate that feeling.” Joyce fires a second ball at the fabric art.

”Weird thing was the day before I had helped a very connected district attorney candidate with a problem he was having and very uncharacteristically of me I had decided I wasn’t going to send him a bill. At about 9 pm the night before my dead end trial my doorbell rang, and it was Christmas in July for me, Bette. Inside that box was the winning strategy for my whole case.”

”I hope all mine are as serendipitous as yours, Joyce, but I promised Tina something.” I look seriously at her. ”I told her I would not go near my mother, much less take her and Angelica to meet her, until I knew that which ever criminal mastermind was out to kill her years ago was dead and gone, or rotting away in some maximum security prison cell.”

”Okay, here’s what you do, Bette. Get Mary Windhorse back on the line again and tell her what’s concerning you. There should be no question that she and your mother will understand that you’re looking out for the safety of your family.”

”I’m sure they know that. I will never believe that she hasn’t wanted to contact me for years and years. Can you?” I look determinedly back at Joyce. ”She had to stay away from me to keep me safe.”

”I think that’s the best assumption and we’re going with that for now.” Joyce writes some more on her pad. ”If they’ll tell you find out who she testified against and for what crime. I can track down what slammer the Feds have them in now. All that can easily be done by my office.”

Author: Blackbird Writes

Fiction writer and filmmaker

19 thoughts on “#3 Touch Tones: The Ringer

  1. What a plan!..two bird in one stone indeed!….


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  6. Wow! It was a wonderful chapter. what a trap 😉 I loved it! Joyce is a great character in this story. God would have been much better to see it on the screen. and I look forward to the next chapter.


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  10. Via LesFan mamadoc91 says
    September 2, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Excellent! WeHo’s power couple off for a grand announcement and celebration. Perfect!


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    • Terribly kind of you to say. I do like dreaming up adventures and illustrating them with great images. I know show writers – they are great, great writers – and it’s a great job if you can write under pressure and then throw all that away because the director says it sucks and start again with maybe 18 minutes left to give it to the actors. I could probably do it with some training. Ain’t nobody calling me though but you guys – AND I appreciate all the comments and tweets and reTweets so much.

      Maybe I’ll dream up a great series and someone will say: “Blackbird, where have you been?”


  13. Another excellent installment!! Poor Jenny….NOT!!! And I do agree with MamaDoc, you SHOULD remake the L-Word!!


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  15. You’ve done it again!! I love it and now I can’t wait for the next one. Keep dangling that carrot my friend. And the pictures. They’re perfect.


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