The L Word : Behind the Scenes

The L Word Bette Porter Tina Kennard

#3 Touch Tones: The Ringer


Gloria.2 red curtain stage


”God! What a train wreck!” I shake my head in horror. ”But Tina? Now, what is going on?” I ask heatedly. ”Are we not doing this after all? I mean did you get me wound up for fucking nothing?”

”Babe, don’t blow a gasket, okay?” Tina pats my leg as we drive inside the soundstage where through the tinted glass windows I see a party underway. ”But Gloria was in town this afternoon and Claire knew that she was a friend of your father’s.”

”Right, she was.” I frown slightly back and forth between Claire and Tina.

”And you know there really is a big movement across the straight to gay feminist lines to make same sex marriage a civil rights and well, a human rights issue, too. They’re all over it in California.”

”I know, we just passed the marriage laws in our favor.” I nod fervently. ”I know! I do read the papers!”

”Just take a deep breath, Bette, and open the door and walk up on stage. Gloria is going to introduce us, and you are going to kiss me in front of all these wonderful people, and put my engagement ring on my finger.”

”It’s a perfect event for the studio to sponsor while launching their first big gay movie.” Claire adds as she slips her computer back inside her briefcase and zips it shut.

The limo comes to a halt.

”I don’t know.” My voice drifts as I look out the window at hundreds of people I’ve never seen before and probably never will again.

”What’s wrong?” Claire asks.

”I was geared up to do this in front of half a dozen reporters, and then, go back to work.” I look at Tina who smiles at me despite my reluctance.

”Bette, Gloria told me to give you this message if you started stalling and carrying on.” Claire slips the briefcase over her shoulder.

”Carrying on?”

”Point is, Gloria said for me to tell you, ”Get up on the stage with her and Tina. Let her announce your marriage because she said, and I quote, ”Tell Bette we’re going to do this together and send it up to Melvyn.”

I beam a thousand watts at Tina and Claire. ”Message delivered. She’s so fucking right.” I pull Tina into me for a kiss.

”You’re in?” Tina asks as our lips finally part with a loud smack.

”Wow!” Claire says. ”I’m sure everyone would like to see something like that!”

”I’m sure they would.” I wink at her as I open the door to the limo and I hear nothing but whistles and applause.



Just joining us? You may want to read back a few chapters into the WeHo: Behind the Scenes timeline. The first chapter of this book begins an hour after WeHo’s last story, Malibu. You can read that story here:

Chapter Four of _Touch Tones_, an L Word inspired Season 7, will be coming to you shortly. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Blackbird


Thank you to Jacky at LesFan who hosts our writing there.

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Fiction writer and filmmaker

19 thoughts on “#3 Touch Tones: The Ringer

  1. What a plan!..two bird in one stone indeed!….


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  6. Wow! It was a wonderful chapter. what a trap 😉 I loved it! Joyce is a great character in this story. God would have been much better to see it on the screen. and I look forward to the next chapter.


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  10. Via LesFan mamadoc91 says
    September 2, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Excellent! WeHo’s power couple off for a grand announcement and celebration. Perfect!


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    • Terribly kind of you to say. I do like dreaming up adventures and illustrating them with great images. I know show writers – they are great, great writers – and it’s a great job if you can write under pressure and then throw all that away because the director says it sucks and start again with maybe 18 minutes left to give it to the actors. I could probably do it with some training. Ain’t nobody calling me though but you guys – AND I appreciate all the comments and tweets and reTweets so much.

      Maybe I’ll dream up a great series and someone will say: “Blackbird, where have you been?”


  13. Another excellent installment!! Poor Jenny….NOT!!! And I do agree with MamaDoc, you SHOULD remake the L-Word!!


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  15. You’ve done it again!! I love it and now I can’t wait for the next one. Keep dangling that carrot my friend. And the pictures. They’re perfect.


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