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Low Hanging Fruit – Bette Porter Tina Kennard L Word


I inhale and exhale again. The smell of sunshine is what I’d call this rosy hot scent. I miss her. I’d like to slap her, too. If it happened now, and there’s a galactic difference of about a light year that it would, but the make up sex right now feeling as raw as I do towards her would be amazing.

What a bitch.

I’ve never had abortions like she has. I’ve never gotten clap-like things from anyone, and I know I’ve been with way more people than she has. Something is just wrong that I’m wishing this pestilence on Tina. Not to mention wanting to fuck myself out of a really bad mood. I could get laid this afternoon if I wanted to by my TA Nadia. She’s as easy as dropping a handkerchief on the floor and waiting for her to bend over to pick it up for me.

I mean who sits on someone’s desk in a tight leather skirt and opens her legs at them?

nude woman's abs

I had imagined a silken Japanese fan with her beating her scent up into my face. The creature in me got it. I had twitched. I knew her for a moment. Exactly everything about her had flashed through my body.

I fall forward on the bench, my face in my hands. What the fuck am I thinking?

“Dean Porter? Is that you?” I hear Nadia’s voice behind me. I open one eye and think, “No, did I just do that?”

Nadia sits on the bench beside me. Who ever made her clothes left a lot of cloth on the roll. Her breasts, and thighs, and neck and now, her smile as her lips part.

“Do you come here often? Well, I mean how could you, Dean Porter? You’ve only been here a short while. What am I thinking?”

“I don’t know, Nadia. What are you thinking?”

“A walk would be nice. Have you seen the rooftop hydroponics garden on top of the building past the roses?” She asks me gauging my interest.

“Show me.”

Rooftop Greenhouse Garden – Bette

“Who takes care of all this, Nadia? This is beautiful!” We walk through a long greenhouse with hanging vegetables and then flowersm and finally grapes, oranges, other fruit. The air in here is humid and scented with earth and special organic mixtures to enhance the plants’ experimental growth. It reminds me of something.

Author: Blackbird Writes

Fiction writer and filmmaker

10 thoughts on “Low Hanging Fruit – Bette Porter Tina Kennard L Word

  1. Via LesFan SassyGran

    Submitted on 2014/05/01 at 2:24 am

    Like Angelica being something other than Angel like – wanted to go for a drive with Mamma B – don’t blame her. Hate Nadia, did on the Show and still do. STD? Really? Love Alice, always have! Looking forward to more stories.


  2. Via LesFan didi1956

    Submitted on 2014/04/28 at 10:42 am

    Ha,ha,ha Tina has STD !!!Another great chapter,thank you.


  3. Via LesFan cvu

    Submitted on 2014/04/28 at 12:12 am

    Oh damn! …Tina has STD?!…..I like this a lot better than the show,car sex is so not sexy for me..


  4. Via LesFan brinny

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 7:31 pm

    Alice was great calling out on Bette and Tina. Nobody who got so mad with each other the way they did can lie convincingly that they still do not have deep feelings for each other. I like the flashback to Tina when she was with Nadia and the fact that she did not want to see Nadia’s face.

    “Who ever made her clothes left a lot of cloth on the roll.” This line left me in stitches. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


  5. Via LesFan azmama

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 7:06 pm

    I agree w/the comments. Bette’s frustrated and repressing her anger by fucking it away. Tina is mightily pissed b/c of the STD that Henry so lovingly gave to her. They both need a “brain cleanse”. Great writing. Always a pleasure to read your writing.


  6. Via LesFan Bette0Porter

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 3:06 pm

    Loved it! Bette got her little revenge *doing the happy dance* but I can see both of them are starting to feel frustrated and they’re masking it with fake anger toward each other. They miss each other and we can see it in the way Bette is imagining Tina with her, while she fucks Nadia and how Tina is getting more and more angry due to the whole situation… especially with Henry giving her a STD – with Bette it wouldn’t have happened!!!


  7. Via LesFan slntrdr

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 12:06 pm

    Nadia. That dalliance irritated me in S4, and still does. But this sentence – “I have realized this university is a fish bowl and I’m a very curiously colored sea creature to them” – might be my favorite ever.


  8. Via LesFan lipitora

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 9:41 am

    I liked it, really.
    Alice has the usual form, is always the center of the other’s life. but now he has a point.
    Clamidia? -Really?
    when I read that Alice has found the medicine, and she realized Tina got something else to Henry, I just laughed so hard. It was wicked 😉
    the third season is still not my favorite (the fourth not so much, but a bit better), but the irony, what you put into it and the character’s point of view, read the scenes just cheers me up.
    I look forward to the next chapter.


  9. Via LesFan 2005fanforever

    Submitted on 2014/04/27 at 6:21 am

    I really enjoy the character narrations that you present with with each of your stories. I especially appreciate the extremes from scathing sarcasm in all its glory, to the gut wrenching pain of loss. I must admit that season 3, aside from sucking in general was just really, really bizarre to me. I was always disturbed by the any dick will do mentality that we were fed from “Tina.” I think that’s when I realized I.C. was a sadist 🙂


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