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Interview with a Vampire -Bette Porter

Shane closes my car door and coming from her shirt and skin she smells strongly of sex and pot. “Sorry, Bette, I couldn’t get a shower. Carmen’s mad at me, but also fucking my brains out.” She rolls the window down. “How are things at your place?”

“Different, but sometimes not dissimilar. She’s all over the map, too.” I sympathize.

“This crazy love-wacked fucking nightmare shit that Carmen’s putting me through? I’m being blamed for being a bird in her fucking dream.”


Shane raps and taps her fingers nervously on the roof of the car. “And you know what else? It never fucking stops.”

“Like a shark – it stops it dies.” I add cryptically.

“This is probably incredibly un-PC, but Latino women – crazy emotional and find no need to explain anything that makes any fucking sense about it –ever, at all.” She fumes a bit.

“It’s not a racial thing, but I get your point. Tina’s mysterious but in a reserved, then weepy Anglo kind of way.”

“And you?” She focuses inside the car finally.

“A darker shade of dumb ass than you, I suppose.” I smile over at her.

On this unusual outing I’ve been nagged by Tina to suss out Alice’s lover, the Vampire Uta, and I can’t think of a better companion to have ride along than Shane. She’s complicated, but enjoyable.

Long ago she seems to have settled with herself that things in her past were beyond her control so, fuck it. I’ve known her long enough to see that she believes this, and treats her dark past as if it were behind her. And remarkable as that would be if it were true for her – and for all of us – it’s not possible. Few things are truly behind us. In an instant their memories can play and come to life and bring us the most vivid reels of our brilliance, or shatter us with movies of our failings.

“Shane, I have to say, I’m glad you’re riding with me. Tina’s not leaving me alone about Alice’s mental health, her safety really.”

“No problem, Bette, I’ll always ride shotgun for you.” She looks at me incredulously, as if we’re actually going to have an effect on anything other than a few drinks, and an evening away from home.  “Vampires are not the kind of thing you really want to do alone.”

Author: Blackbird Writes

Fiction writer and filmmaker

5 thoughts on “Interview With a Vampire – Bette Porter L Word

  1. Via LesFan tibettenation1

    Submitted on 2014/07/21 at 4:43 pm

    Tsk tsk Bette one would think soon as hot tubs and naked ladies are brought up friends or not Bette would leave and go be with her wife if not her scene anymore…Temptation!…weird chapter but good


  2. Via LesFan cvu

    Submitted on 2014/04/14 at 3:43 am

    I applaud Bette in here.Not easy to elude temptation especially on her part..[She’s lacking in that department or better yet she’s not well satisfied]…good thing she has Shane on her side.


  3. Via LesFan Bette0Porter

    Submitted on 2014/04/13 at 10:27 pm

    I just loved the part in which Bette recalls the night of Angelica’s birth. I could feel Bette’s emotions all over the place. Her fear of losing both Tina and their daughter – the way she clutches God’s arm, praying him to never take them away from her. Her sense of guilt of not being with her love when they lost the baby… and, in the end, the promise of never hurting Tina again. Just wonderful. Can’t wait to read more.


  4. Via LesFan lipitora

    Submitted on 2014/04/13 at 8:41 pm

    It was really interesting.
    it seems to me, Bette knows she has not a same a person who was and doesn’t desire such a relationship again. but the uncertainty is here what she felt towards Tina.
    I’m wondering what would have happened if she or Tina discovered in time the symptoms of postpartum depression? the one thing I didn’t like in the show, it was never been explained Tina’s sudden change (Henry)
    but I look forward to sequel 🙂


  5. Via LesFan azmama

    Submitted on 2014/04/13 at 12:48 pm

    Strange, quirky but very cool and seductive. Bette says she is not interested but who knows with enough wine??? I would like to think not especially after the Candace debacle.


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